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Fresh Cuts

The Hog is cut into the primal sectionsHams, Loins, Shoulders, Bellies, Hocks, Feet, and Spare Ribs

Ribs: Spareribs, spar off, St.Louis Style Babyback

Loin Cuts: Bone- In Whole Loin, Boneless Whole Loin, Bone-In Center- Cut, Boneless Center-Cut, Crown Roasts, Tenderloin, Rib End Roast, Bone-In, Sirloin End Roast Bone-In, Country Style Bone-In Ribs, Country Style Boneless Ribs

Shoulder:  Whole Pork Shoulder- Skin On, Pork Shoulder Picnic Cut- Skin On, Pork Shoulder Picnic Cut, Skinless, Boston Butt, Boneless Boston Butt

*Any of our fresh meat can be marinated in the following: Black Nugget, Sweet Bourbon, Burgundy Wine, Cajun, California Garlic and Butter, Dixie Garlic and Herb, Buffalo Wing Flavor, Italian, and Lemon Pepper.*

Fresh Sausages:Breakfast Sausage (Bulk, Patties, or Link),  Hot Italian (Bulk or Link), Sweet Italian (Bulk or Link), Maple Breakfast (Bulk, Patties, or Link), Bratwurst, Garlic Bratwurst, Cheddar Bratwurst.  * Add Peppers & Onions or Cheese to ANY Sausage *